Mnemonica is next-gen media asset management.

Wondering what next-gen is?
You just have to try it.

Designed for Film Producers.

Your data asset is gold. And now it is scattered around post facilities, providers, warehouses, who knows where.

Get back control of your data assets with Mnemonica.
Stop paying for chaos and unnecessary logistics.
Stop risking leaks and losses.

Get all your assets in one place — your private project library in the cloud. Ease of use and security above any other solution.
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Mnemonica Screening Rooms on an iPad

A Relief During Production.

Streamline review & approval, archiving, sharing, from casting to distribution.
Mnemonica Smart Screening Rooms make it super-easy to navigate among thousands of dailies and working files, and to manage audiences with the proper privacy.

Transfer unlimited-sized archives with our integrated Delivery Boxes without leaving Mnemonica secure environment.
Say farewell to FTP, remote folders, traveling HDDs, unsafe platforms, and expensive service commuting.

What a Smart Screening Rooms looks like

A Breakthrough for Post Professionals.

Post facilities, post supervisors, assistant editors, DITs, data managers: Mnemonica dramatically simplifies your workflow.
Just one upload to backup intermediates, create streaming proxies, and distribute watermark-protected content to all your audiences.

No need to create playlists or portals for clients. No reason to be unsafe.

Low latency everywhere.
Maximum security.

Powered by powered by Amazon Web Services

My MAM is Different.

We built on our field experience to make something that adapts to film and TV people, and not viceversa.
One single interface for all types of users, from stakeholders to technicians.

A platform conceived for large productions, yet also perfect for small projects. A step for all into a future-proof and cloud-based factory: centralized assets, zero maintenance costs, uncompromising security.

Mnemonica Screening Rooms appear the same on an iMac and a smartphone

My MAM is Bulletproof.

Mnemonica is made to protect valuable assets. Security has been our priority one from the first line of code.

Passive Security

We have adopted all the best practices against hacking to obtain armored, secure-by-design software. We perform periodic penetration tests and security assessments by third parties, in compliance with international standards (OWASP and PCI DSS).

Active Security

Mnemonica is a closed community in which only registered users with two-factor authentication are allowed to enter. And unlike the others, we do not use easy links that bypass defenses and are a common source of leaks.

Cloud Security

Storage in the cloud simply means security like no other. Extremely high, disaster-proof redundancy is standard. Mnemonica takes advantage of the unsurpassed technological characteristics of the best cloud providers in the world, starting with Amazon Web Services.

Screening Rooms get Smart.

A simple revolution in MAM.

Not only passive file collectors, but programmable environments capable of modifying content and automating routine operations.

A groundbreaking UI based on playlists: for those like Orson Welles, who make no distinction between work and leisure.

Smart Screening Rooms feature calendars, comments privacy, originals, watermark, timed opening

Why Smart?

Because Mnemonica Screening Rooms are many things in one.

They're meeting places between media & people.

High quality streaming, comments with timecode precision and the possibility to draw on frames to discuss and deliberate in private.

They're vaults.

All assets and information in one place, original files included, which is ideal for work teams and the editorial department. No more NAS, wandering hard drives, or lost archives.

They're programmable devices.

Room cloning with content mirroring allows for endless dedicated and scheduled screenings from a single upload.

Ain't Smart if it Ain't Comfy.

Only two roles to rule them all, and plenty of new ideas to streamline operations.

Flat Indexing

No hierarchies and folders. Combine filters, tags and calendars to quickly set up a playlist or to find your way through a vast library of files.

Simplified IDs

Use our automatic 3-lettered Nice Codes as convenient references to files, and forget about those obscure media asset filenames.

Serial Watermarking

To each Room its own watermark: pre-set it with just one command, and it will be automatically burned into all of the media.

Admissions Control

Manage all screening audiences from one simple, powerful control panel to assign and revoke individual or group permissions.

Timed Openings

Schedule Room opening and closing times to stagger screenings with different priorities, or when uploads are done.

Detailed Views

Check which parts of any clip have been viewed by each spectator: essential for keeping your finger at the pulse.

Seeing is believing.

Say it With a Delivery Box.

Moving large archives is a crucial challenge in the production cycle.

Solution: Mnemonica integrated Delivery Boxes.
A complete system to exchange files and folders of any size and complexity, among registered users.

Mnemonica Delivery Box

There's Room for Everything in One Box.

Send, Don't Store

Send folders or files from a Room or a local drive with no file size and nesting limits. No need to add yet another repository.

Delayed Send

Right after choosing the files to send, you can move on: Mnemonica will deliver the Box as soon as uploads are complete.

Deadlines and Multiple Forwarding

A Box has always a deadline you can adjust according to urgency and security needs. When it is alive you can reuse it as much as you want, then it is archived and you get the storage back.

Remote Control

If you start an upload at the end of the day and need to leave your workstation, you can check its progress at any time and from anywhere, and even add or remove files while the upload is in progress.

Mnemonica Gate.

Our stand-alone transfer manager for Mac, Windows and Linux takes care of uploads and downloads, giving you more reliability, performance and freedom.

It safeguards transfers from hardware or network failures and increases speed.

Start uploads and close your browser safely, and the Gate will handle it.

Mnemonica Mobile App.

Enjoy all the power of Mnemonica in a most pleasant, game-like user experience.

Browse media, manage teams and spectators, read and comment, check the views, send and receive Boxes, follow upload status in real time.
Stay always up-to-date with push notification.
Easy login with biometric sensors.

Mnemonica Offer is Different.

All our plans include UNLIMITED USERS and FULL FEATURE SET

✓ Unlimited Screening Rooms
✓ Unlimited Proxies Encoding
✓ Unlimited Watermark Encoding
✓ Original Files Storing
✓ Guests Private Discussions
✓ Scheduled Room Opening

✓ Unlimited streaming
✓ Unlimited Delivery Box Size
✓ Multi-location Uploading
✓ Transfers Remote Checking
✓ Mnemonica Gate transfer manager
✓ Mobile App for iOS/Android/Huawei
   and more...


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